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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Would you switch from an iPad to a Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft had a limited intro today of its "iPad Killer" Surface tablet. If you missed the hype, here is a short video to show you what you missed:

In the interests of equal time, here is the newest iPad commercial:

I certainly have a lot of questions, but initial indications are that the more expensive model of the Surface will cost about the same as as a MacBook Air. So why compare it to an iPad, why not try to compare it to my MacBookPro or the new model that is just now coming out from Apple? You can probably tell that I won't be looking to replace my iPad with a Microsoft product.


  1. I listened to the hype and decided I like the fact it has a USB port, that can be quite handy. I also like the report it has a little stand so you might not need to purchase one as you do for the iPad.

    Honestly I do not have an iPad but rather a smaller laptop that I can carry with me when I go to research.

    1. I've traveled to Europe and used my iPad for research and communication the entire time, I wouldn't trade it for a "Windows" anything, no matter how good the hype.