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Friday, November 2, 2012

FamilySearch Family Tree goes live tonight?

Quoting from Larry Cragun of the Larry Cragun Family and Genealogy Blog,"s Family Tree program will be "live" as of tonight 2 November 2012, at 10:00 pm. (Now is that Mountain Daylight Time or what?). He indicates that the "Family Tree" link will appear to all who sign in to the website. If you are not presently registered, you will still have to go through the "invitation" process to gain access. Unfortunately, the screen shots Larry included in his blog post were broken on my browser.

I am still wondering why this appears to be the only source for these changes. There are several new blog posts on the blog (but the RSS Feed is still not working) and none of them mention Family Tree. I can speculate that they are not anxious to have too many users come online at once and they have downplayed the introduction as a consequence.

I am very impressed with Family Tree and will find it and already have found it to immensely useful. I, for one, am anxious that the program fulfill its potential.

Since I am currently on the East Coast, I will not likely stay up until 1:00 am to see if the change over occurs. But then how will I tell anyway? Since when I sign in, I have seen the link since February. All that apparently changes with the live designation is that already registered and signed in users will not have to through the invite process.

In addition, there are additional referrals to Family Tree embedded in the program. These notices have already appeared in many locations in the old program, particularly when you try to combine records. This is interesting since current reports and my own experience for the past few days indicates that the Family Tree program would not find duplicates. These links will cause some confusion if the person finding the link has never heard of the program preciously which is highly likely.

Now all I have to do is find someone who is registered with but has not been invited to the Family Tree and see what happens next.

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  1. It appears as if access to this new site/application is by invitation only. When I log into the FamilySearch I don't see anything different. There is no FamilyTree link showing on either the log-in screen or the home screen of FamilySearch. When I go to I do see a different home page with an invitation to try FamilyTree proudly advertised in the title banner. There is an available link inviting me to try FamilyTree. When I click on this it takes me to my FamilySearch log-in screen. When I put in my credentials it doesn't do anything but stays at this log-in screen. The screen does make a fast flash which makes me feel that it is merely looping back to the log-in screen.

    There is a help link titled "Having Trouble Signing In?" on the site. When I click on this I get a pdf explaining that the new FamilySearch will be available to a few invited people on February 2011. Then it will be available to the public at some future date. I believe this pdf may be referring to the updated FamilySearch site but not to the upcoming FamilyTree add on.

    You stated you wanted to find someone who was registered with FamilySearch but not invited to FamilyTree so you could find out what happens upon trying to access the site. Well, not real exciting from this vantage point, but I am looking forward to FamilyTree becoming available to all of us soon.