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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

George Jarvis and Joseph George De Friez Genealogy

The Jarvis family who are descendants of George Jarvis (b. 1823, d. 1913) and Ann Prior Jarvis (b. 1829, d. 1913) have long awaited the availability of this book. Here is the citation:

Overson, Margaret Godfrey Jarvis. George Jarvis and Joseph George De Friez Genealogy. Mesa?, Ariz: M.G. Jarvis Overson, 1957.

The Jarvis-De Friez Book consists of 710 pages and is filled with photos and stories about the family. Since it was published in 1957, I am mentioned with a couple of photos of me as a child. I have long known about the book and used it countless times to establish my relationship to this or that cousin. As is common with genealogy surname books, it had a very limited publication. Because my father assisted with the publication, I ended up with the copyright to the book. Although both and indicate that no ebook copy is available, it recently showed up, after a wait of three years from the time of digitization, on's Book Collection. Although, I have more than one copy of the book, it is not generally available in print at all. 

The online digitized copy of the book is completely searchable and a PDF copy of the book can be freely downloaded to anyone interested. The list of surnames in the book is exhaustive but primarily covers the Jarvis descendants of George Jarvis and the descendants of Joseph George De Friez and Ove Christian Ovesen (Overson). 

The George Jarvis and Ann Prior Jarvis Family Organization website is here linked. My daughter discusses the book on

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