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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Travels on the Web -- Resources for Genealogists

This is the first in a new series of articles that I plan to write each week on my travels around the huge resources of the Internet, at least that part of it on the World Wide Web (or Web). Just as world travelers of old told stories of their adventures in far off lands and with unfamiliar places, I plan to explore the Web and report on my travels. Along the way I will probably have a few adventures and get into some dangerous water, but that is what travel is all about. So coming soon, will be my first report and I have some fabulous places to go and things to see.

I promise I will scour the far reaches of the Internet for interesting and useful resources for genealogists around the world. This is not an idle promise. Looking for the obscure and unusual is simply part of what I do.

If you want a taste of the resources to come, take a look at this page and follow some of the links to the various pages in the states.

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  1. James
    Thank you for making this available. I did not realize their were so many things out their.