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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Time to Start Ramping Up for RootsTech

I got a notice from RootsTech that it was time to register for RootsTech 2014 and I thought Costco was early when they put out Christmas decorations in August. They have a reduced price on the Full Access Pass to all the classroom events for the three days for $159 and they note that this will be available only for a limited time.

The full list of classes is now posted online also and as I found out, there is a full Developer's Day schedule of events for Wednesday. I guess I will be getting there on Tuesday afternoon or evening this next year. I don't exactly know what to expect. I am teaching one class on blogging, but last year I also participated in a couple of other un-conferencing classes and of course, ended up helping with a keynote. I wonder if this year will be a little less hectic?

They have posted the Conference Hotels and it looks like they have added a couple of hotels. But if last year was any indication, it is a good idea to get a hotel early. One thing to keep in mind about Salt Lake City is that they have a downtown free light rail system. I you had a hotel on the light rail, getting to the Salt Palace would be free and easy with no parking problems.

February can be cold and snowy or bright and sunny all in the same day. Also remember, Salt Lake City is mostly above around 4500 feet above sea level, with parts of the City much higher. If you have trouble at altitude, you need to take that into consideration. I always keep a close watch on the weather while I am in Utah since it can change so suddenly. This past year I walked out of the hotel to go to the Family History Library and got a face full of wind blown snow. I had to call my wife down from the hotel to get a ride two blocks to the Library and that took us almost twenty minutes to go the two blocks.

The Conference is all indoors and they promise to have larger classrooms and a larger area for the Conference this year. In 2015 it looks like both FGS and RootsTech will both have their Conferences at the same time. That will be interesting. I haven't been to an FGS Conference for a while, I guess I will be attending in 2015.


  1. Just one correction, James, the FGS/RootsTech union is in 2015, not next year. We booked our flight, RootsTech registration and Radisson rooms last night for 2014. See you there!

    1. Thanks, I'm right and left hand challenged and now it looks like I am calendar challenged also. :-)