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Friday, November 1, 2013

After Thoughts on the Family Tree Situation

When I looked at the Products Page of's Family Tree, the conclusions I reached looked very plausible. I think it might help the user to make a more educated evaluation of the changes by putting some kind of explanation on the Product Page. The explanation from Gaylon Findlay of Ancestral Quest would certainly have helped to allay any concerns from the users that the programs had not suddenly become inoperable. Just a suggestion. Sometime communication is helpful.


  1. thanks, Gaylon ... rumors spread like "wild fire"

  2. Wait a minute. If Legacy and AQ lost Tree Share certification, what's to say there isn't some kind of problem going on here. Could FamilySearch pull the plug on them all together if they are not compliant? Tree Connect only lets you see FT data and download it. Are they about ready to turned officially to that status and have the ability to upload and make changes to the FT turned off? I actually think these changes could be more telling and that AQ might have given us a spin. Yes, you can "Share" with FT today, but is there a time period when you no longer be able to do that? That's what I want to know. This is more than a rumor happening here, there's some compelling facts, status is gone.

    1. Hmm. This may be why I didn't just take down the first post. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. I think if I'd had my software visually "downgraded" by FS to a level that in no way describes what it can do, then I might feel a bit aggrieved. Not that I'd be in much of a position to argue...