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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Notice of Read Only Appears on Website

When you go to the website you will get a notice that the website is going to become "Read Only" in December, 2013. Here is a screenshot of the notice:

The text of the message says the following:
December 2013 Becomes Read Only
The next step to fully implement FamilySearch Family Tree on is to change to read-only status. This milestone will occur in December 2013. 
Users will still be able to view information on after the change, but users will no longer be able to edit or change information.
Users have many reasons to switch from to FamilySearch Family Tree. They can 
  1. Correct information about ancestors and relationships.
  2. Find valuable records for any ancestor, right from the person page.
  3. Add sources to ancestors with a few simple mouse clicks.
  4. Add photos, documents, and stories to ancestors.
  5. Print fan charts, pedigrees, and family group records.
This certainly looks like a firm commitment. I still know quite a few people who are refusing to use the Family Tree program. This might wake them up to the change.


  1. Such good news! Now with all the IOUS mess I think you and I would have done this a year ago if we were in charge, and while I don't understand why they had to wait so long, perhaps part of it is because so many in the community complain about change. Who knows...

    1. I don't think it had anything to do with complaints. I get the impression that it was more internal adjustments or whatever.

  2. While users will not be able to edit data in new FamilySearch, synchronization between nFS and Family Tree will continue because it is still needed for several very important items. Therefore, you will still not be able to merge IOUSs when nFS goes read-only. This is still cause to celebrate, but the date when synchronization is broken will be cause for even more celebration.

    1. Exactly. I don't know if I have said that plainly enough but that was the conclusion I had reached after several statements by various unnamed parties.