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Friday, November 1, 2013

All is well, don't worry. Answer received to question about Family Tree

Here is a comment I just received from Gaylon Findlay of Ancestral Quest:
This does not mean what you "think it does." Users of programs whose certification label has changed will experience no difference. This is a change of label, not a change of functionality. FamilySearch decided to remove the "Share" category of certification at the end of October. Programs that had been "Share" certified, but are not yet "Share+" certified, now have a different label. This has nothing to do with the capabilities of the program, only how many labels FamilySearch wants to use in describing their certification levels. Speaking for Ancestral Quest, it still uploads and downloads information to/from Family Tree as well as ever, getting closer to Share+ certification with every released 'build.' All it means is that these programs have not yet completed the requirements for Share+ certification, and FamilySearch has removed the "Share" label. See for a more complete explanation relating to AQ.
This does not explain what happened to's Tree Connect program tonight however. Any more feedback? Well, things certainly got interesting there for a few minutes.


  1. The RecordSeek Tree Connect button & Ancestral Quest are working normally for me this morning.

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