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Sunday, November 17, 2013

NC libraries put content online

Digital content from more than 100 institutions across North Carolina is now available to the entire world at the click of a mouse, and the University of North Carolina is helping make it happen. A news article in the Daily Tar Heel dated 5 November 2013, discusses the consolidation of the digital resources of the universities and archives in North Carolina. Quoting from the article:
The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center, located in Wilson Library, will represent North Carolina in the Digital Public Library of America, and will serve as the state’s sole service hub on the site. 
Launched in April, the DPLA is a nonprofit organization that provides free access to collections of information from some of the largest libraries and archives across the nation. The project aims to serve as a national archive of cultural and academic materials.
 The article continues on to say:
So far more than 123,000 digital items from North Carolina have been included in the DPLA. The collection currently houses 5 million items from roughly 1,000 institutions — a number that will only increase. 
The DPLA aims to work with one organization per state so that library materials from each state can be accessed across the country and around the world, said Nicholas Graham, program coordinator for the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center.
I have been impressed with the huge amount of information available from the universities in North Carolina and I see this as a major addition to the availability of online resources.

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