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Monday, November 11, 2013

Using the FamilySearch Family Tree: A Reference Guide (18 October 2013) Now Updated

 The last update of the Family Tree Reference Guide was dated (29 May 2013). I was beginning to speculate whether or not the Reference Guide would ever be updated or simply be discontinued. However, a new version of the Reference Guide appeared without fanfare at some time during the past two weeks. I have been checking periodically to see whether or not a copy of the Reference Guide had been updated from time to time and finally checked again today and found the newly updated Guide.

As I noted in a previous post, the Reference Guide had been removed from the list of items obviously available in the Help Center, but it is still obviously available. The easiest way to find a copy is to do a Google search for the title:

Using the FamilySearch Family Tree: A Reference Guide for (18 October 2013)

 I have also provided a link directly to the Guide. Previously the Guide was slightly over 200 pages long. It has been reduced to 168 pages. The previous appendices have been eliminated but there is a new Glossary at the end of the document. There is also a section in the updated Guide concerning adding photos and stories to your ancestors in Family Tree.


  1. I too was wondering if they were ever going to update the users guide. By adding lds to end of the url, you can get the LDS version which is 204 pages

  2. Thank you so much for that link. It is hard trying to remember where guides and instructions can be found.