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Friday, November 15, 2013

Update on's Mundia Website

Why do some online programs become hugely popular while others, with seemingly similar content or purpose languish in obscurity? It would be a simple explanation to point to advertising. But the Web is too complex for that to be the main deciding factor. Many websites gain immense popularity without spending anything for promotion. In some cases, the sites become popular but still go almost entirely unnoticed in the community. In this regard, when was the last time you saw a blog post or online social networking discussion about What is an even more pertinent question is, have you ever heard of

This particular website happens to be owned by But so is and various other websites. The site currently claims to have 5,592,247,475 "profiles in family trees." I am not sure what that means exactly, but if that number is supposed to be the total number of names of individuals in the family tree or trees, then it puts this website way ahead in numbers of even's Public Member Family Trees or even in absolute numbers. For example, when I looked at today, I found the number of records in Public Member Family Trees to be 2,147,483,647. describes itself as follows:
Mundia lets people everywhere create, discover and share their family history in an easy and fun way. 
With Mundia, you can:
  • Build your family tree. Then grow it by sharing and collaborating with others.
  • Receive hints about matching ancestors and relatives in other members' trees.
  • Contact other members and find unknown living relatives.
  • Keep up to date with your family through comments, stories, and photos posted within your family circle.
Basic membership to Mundia is free. 
Mundia is the new family history site from, the leader in online family history and the world's largest online family tree network.Mundia is a truly global platform offering access to more than 13 million family trees from all parts of the world with more than 1.4 billion profiles. Mundia is available in multiple languages. 
Discover your family.
 It is interesting in looking at the blog, the last post was 17 May 2011. So what or who is this website that appears to be abandoned except for racking up huge numbers? Here is an explanation from the website:
  • Who operates the Mundia website?
    • Mundia has been developed by the creators of the leading family history website and its global network of sites (which include,, and other sites, together the “Ancestry Websites”). By registering for Mundia, you become part of the Ancestry community. The company that operates the Mundia website is based in the United States and is known as Operations Inc.
  • Are you phasing out or any other Ancestry Websites?
    • No, we are not. The Ancestry Websites will continue to be the leading resource for family history records on the Internet. Mundia is complementary to the Ancestry Websites.

OK, so here is the key. This is the statement that explains what this site is and how it operates:
Mundia is connected to the Ancestry Websites and part of the Ancestry community. All of the public family trees throughout the Ancestry Websites are visible on Mundia.
So why do some websites become well known and others never seem to leave the background of the Web? Why is still online?


  1. It seems obvious to me that Ancestry is positioning this site to make a tiered priced subscriber only site and leave the "free" part to Mundia.

    1. Well, is sitting there in Beta without any advertising. That would be an interesting way to position the site. Thanks for the comment.

    2. I ignore Mundia because it is just public trees off ancestry which are, far too often, garbage. I don't even mention it to folks starting out in genealogy, I feel I would be sending them down the wrong path.

  2. What is worrying is that the information contained in the family trees seems to be offered by ancestry on it subscription sites as if it has some sort of assured authenticity . As the previous person commented this is not the case and a lot of the information contained in these trees has no basis in reality . There is much chaff amongst the grain
    people should be aware of this.

  3. There are constant technical errors/issues making Mundia almost unusable anyway. It's so frustrating. The same issues have been reported for months and months with no response from Mundia at all, take a look at Mundia's facebook group, lots of issues- no support. Not a great advertisement for Ancestry.

  4. As of September 2014 the Beta version of Mundia will merge with the paid Ancestry website. Can anyone enlighten me with more information as to what will happen to my family tree when this happens.

  5. It has been a strategic ploy by companies such as '' to gather up researchers hard won research materials or family records/photos and the like under the guise of 'Free' access, then sell it to others via a paid membership. In the early days, Ancestry would give free access to their records for a researchers gedcom upload to their site, some are still doing this. Additionally they scan other sites and gather family information for their own, I have seen materials they have 'lifted' off my family sites, but would have to pay a subscription for full access to it. sneaky plagiarists and thieves..!

  6. I found away into my tree through a back door on the Ancestry website so to speak and I think I will start to delete my family tree. I'm not going to let them profit from my hard work that has taken years to build up.