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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Getting to Know DigtalNZ A-TIHI O AOTEAROA is a national website initiative with nearly 200 partners and is led by the National Library of New Zealand.

New Zealand has a very active genealogical community. Included in their nationally sponsored website is a genealogy section.

The website is described as follows.
Search across more than 29 million digital items to discover New Zealand treasures such asamazing aerial photos, posters and memorabilia, newspaper clippings, artworks, andpublications. Items are contributed from partners including Te Papa, the Alexander Turnbull Library, Auckland Art Gallery, Te Ara, NZ On Screen and many many more.
As with all large online collections, potential users of the data need to be aware of the Terms of Use and any copyright restrictions that apply to the collections.  I am becoming more and more amused by some genealogist's claims that they have made an "exhaustive search" for information about their ancestors. Perhaps somewhere in this idea that you can search all the records about your family there should be touch of a realistic acknowledgement that with the vast amount of data online, any search will be limited more by the time constraints of the researcher than by any abstract goal of searching all reasonably available records. In this regard, I could probably highlight a new website every day for as long as I continue to write this blog and never come to an end or even begin to cover all of the genealogically important websites in the world.

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