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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Does interest in FindAGrave peak at U.S. Halloween?

We recently made it through another Halloween celebration in the United States and I began to wonder if the program had any increase in popularity during the Halloween season? A quick look at Google Trends for does not seem to support any increased interest that correlates with Halloween. Here is a screenshot of the trends for the past year.

There seems to be a more definite correlation with the school year, with a definite drop off in September when most of the schools in the U.S. go back after summer vacations. There is a tiny spike in the middle of October but it drops before October 31st, the date of the holiday.

Over all time since 2004, has had spikes in 2012 and 2013, but interest in searches has dropped off most recently.

A comparison of searches for with "genealogy" as a search term simply shows the coninued decline of genealogy as a search term.

In this comparison, is basically a flat line.

Comparing searches for to searches for "FamilySearch" turns out to be interesting.

FamilySearch has seen a dramatic increase in activity beginning in 2014 but this has not seemed to affect This lead me to compare with Here is the screenshot.

Here is the chart for by itself.

One thing this chart obviously shows is that only began to be searched when it was introduced. Focusing in on the last five years, shows that interest in is definately related to the summer months.

It looks like Halloween is a bust for searching for graves but summer is definitely the season for graveyard searches.

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