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Friday, November 11, 2016

MyHeritage Portends a Revolution in Genealogical DNA Testing

MyHeritage DNA Lab from MyHeritage on Vimeo. is using its vast user base of over 85 million users to revolutionize genealogical DNA testing. Rather than copy an entire blog, I strongly suggest that you read this question and answer interview with MyHeritage's CEO, Gilad Japhet entitled, "MyHeritage DNA: Your Questions Answered." This is a long article and addresses most, if not all, the questions you might have about either uploading an existing DNA test to MyHeritage or purchasing a new test.

Here is a screenshot of the webpage to order a DNA testing kit.


  1. Oh, come on. What's so revolutionary about offering the same Family Finder test on the same chip in the same lab for the same price?

    1. Apparently you did not read the Q and A post from the CEO of What they are doing is much more fundamental than simply the particular chip used for the analysis.