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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Now Over 200 Videos on the BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel

Here are three of the newly added videos to the Brigham Young University Family History Library YouTube Channel.

Beginning German Research - Laurie Castillo

Untangling the Mess on the FamilySearch Family Tree - James Tanner

It's Time to Stop the Anxiety and Guilt over Family History - Jean Naisbitt

This week we will add about one new video a day. We will probably slow down a bit over the holiday season, but we are already scheduling more videos. Some of the videos are part of our webinar series of live, video broadcasts. You can see the upcoming schedules and a list of the online videos on the BYU Family History Library's Online Webinar page. By links on the schedules, you can listen to the webinars live online. Of course, you can also wait until the videos are uploaded to the BYU Family History Library website and to the YouTube Channel.

It has been an interesting challenge to keep up with writing and designing all of these webinars. Of course, I am not the only one adding video webinars and other training videos to the collection. My wife, Ann Tanner, has also been adding her training videos and many others have begun contributing. For my part, I am constantly compiling a list of future topics and so if you have any suggestions, I would be glad to consider them and add them to the list. One advantage of adding videos to the BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel is that I can use the presentations in classes I teach around the country. I never give exactly the same presentation twice so even if I employ the same presentation all of classes are different.

Although by YouTube standards, we are not at all in the category of viral stars, we hope that our efforts to bring high quality genealogically oriented instruction will help researchers worldwide. We have discussed presenting some of these videos in other languages, but that possibility is still very much in planning and discussion stage.

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