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Friday, August 4, 2017

Camping and Blogging Don't Mix

Here I am camping in Montana, Idaho, and Oregon with limited internet access. I should leave well enough alone and wait to speculate about genealogical subjects. In my last post, which has now been edited, I made two glaring errors. First, the announcement about the acquisition of Legacy Family Tree clearly said the following:
We are also continuing to develop our Family Tree Builder software separately, and it will not be merged with Legacy’s software. At MyHeritage, we value giving our users the ability to choose their preferred genealogy tools, and allow them to work offline with robust functionality. While some other companies no longer develop genealogy software, we believe that people should be able to discover and preserve their family history on whatever platform they are comfortable with.
Anything I had to say about's program Family Tree Builder was ill advised and specious. I have always wondered why so many people are still using the long discontinued Personal Ancestral File when there are much better and supported free alternatives.

I should have been more careful in my speculations and realized that I got my ideas exactly backward. I also realize that I was too general in my mention of and their handling of the Family Tree Maker software. I have already written on this subject and Ancestry killed off Family Tree Maker sometime before they sold it to I have removed my ill advised speculations and promise to be more careful in the future.

For the last week, we have been camping in the above-mentioned states. Since we traveled into Montana and then northern Idaho, the air quality has been terrible. There are a large number of fires burning and I have taken very few photos because the air is so bad. As I write this in Oregon, my eyes are watering and burning from the smoke in the air. The smoke essentially covers three or four states. This is not an excuse, but it may help to explain my faux pas.

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