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Friday, August 25, 2017

MyHeritage Expands DNA Matching Details has introduced an expanded DNA Match Review.

This new, improved service adds substantial information to your DNA matches on the website. Here is the explanation from the MyHeritage blog:
We’ve just released a new feature — the DNA Match Review page — to help you answer that question. The new page offers a plethora of detailed information about each of your DNA Matches. Your DNA Match details are now consolidated into one place with different sections that will help you discover how the match may be related to you. This can open the door to new connections and discoveries to advance your family history research.
If you have a MyHeritage DNA test or have uploaded one from another source, you should be able to see the new features. However, many of the features are not available unless your "match" also has a family tree on the website. One interesting feature shows you which of the "SmartMatches" you have correspond to your DNA matches.

This information is useful if you are trying to establish a relationship with a possible remote ancestor. The problem is that you may have both identified the wrong ancestor, but that would become apparent with additional matches and documentation.

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  1. I really like that they included a five generation pedigree chart in horizontal format. As I complained in another comment on a post where you talked about My Heritage, it was really hard to see anyone's direct ancestors in My Heritage's vertical pedigree format. With the new pedigree view I was able to quickly find the connection to several new DNA matches by scanning the match's tree of direct ancestors all at once instead of trying to scroll all over the place while trying to keep track of where I was in the tree.