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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

National Institute for Genealogical Studies

From my perspective, those institutions offering formal training in genealogical research are not at all aggressive in attracting participants from either the online community at large or the much smaller genealogical community. The National Institute for Genealogical Studies is one of those institutions. The Institute offers fee-based courses in a wide variety of subjects from qualified and fully competent instructors. Here is a description of the Institute from their website:
The National Institute for Genealogical Studies was established to assist all genealogists---from family historians to practicing professionals---by providing studies in a variety of genealogical topics. Education provides an important role in raising levels of personal and visible growth and in the certification or accreditation of genealogists.

With this in mind, a group of professional genealogists came together to create courses and programs conforming to recognized genealogical standards, with several objectives:
  1. To assist the family historian research and record information regarding their ancestors in a responsible and professional manner.
  2. To help the serious amateur genealogist gain the skills required to apply for certification or accreditation.
  3. To help the professional genealogist develop a part-time or full-time career in our chosen field.
There is very little formal genealogical training online and during the next few weeks, I will be highlighting where it can be found.


  1. I am enrolled in their American Records program. Each class is about 6 weeks long and very comprehensive. About 40 classes in this program. Very good training of you want to become a professional genealogist or just want to learn more about a subject.

  2. I have started a basic course in English records with the NIGS (still have one to do - lack of time is the main inhibitor). For a newbie, they were very useful. There is significant online video interaction with the lecturer. i would certainly recommend them.

  3. Very excellent course materials with NIGS. Tuition for courses are very reasonable. One needs to dedicate time to be successful. Not sure if courses are accredited and can be transferred to another college towards a degree. However, it may not be necessary if one just wants the education.