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Thursday, August 3, 2017

MyHeritage acquires Millennia Corp's Legacy Family Tree and Legacy Family Tree Webinars

In a surprise announcement, both Millennia Corporation and indicated that MyHeritage had acquired both the Legacy Family Tree program and the rights to the Legacy Family Tree Webinar series. This is an interesting move considering the fact that rival has divested itself of a possibly competing software program when it licensed the popular Family Tree Maker program to Details of the acquisition can be found in the following announcements:

MyHeritage Acquires the Legacy Family Tree Software and Webinar Platform

Quoting from the MyHeritage post:
We’re delighted to announce today that we’ve acquired Millennia Corporation, makers of the popular Legacy Family Tree genealogy desktop software and well-attended genealogy webinar platform, Legacy Family Tree Webinars. This is our 9th acquisition to date. We consider Legacy’s products to be highly complementary to our wide range of features and services. The acquisition will introduce MyHeritage users to Legacy’s valuable genealogical webinars, and will also provide Legacy’s hundreds of thousands of users with improved resources and access to new services.
Contemporaneously with the announcement, Millennia Corporation announced that both the Legacy Family Tree program and their subscription Webinar series are on sale for 50% off.

I will let you click on the links to read the entire announcements. (I had previously added some speculation on my part. I am out camping and when I thought about what I had said, I decided my speculations were not well supported and likely inaccurate and they have been removed.)

The announcement from MyHeritage indicates that this agreement makes the 9th acquisition by MyHeritage. To see an explanation of the MyHeritage acquisitions and partnerships, see Wikipedia: MyHeritage.


  1. Surprising, indeed. I suspect the Webinar Library and other reference material were the desired elements here, as I believe MyHeritage's Family Tree Builder is a superior product to the Legacy tree software. I've used both for years, and Legacy doesn't have the polish of FTB. YMMV, especially if you need LDS support, where FTB is lacking.

    I'm wondering why Legacy sold out.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I reread the MyHeritage blog post more carefully and revised my speculations and removed them. When I am not camping and have more time to think about the situation, I will probably have more to say. See my updated post.