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Friday, December 27, 2019

Reclaim the Records obtains the Nebraska Death Index (1904 - 1968)

A nice end-of-year gift from Reclaim the Records. Here is the announcement:
Greetings from Reclaim The Records! We're your favorite little non-profit organization that picks fights with government agencies, archives, and libraries for better public access to genealogical records and historical materials. And we're back in your mailbox today to announce that we recently won and just released more free records, this time from the Midwest. 
Introducing the first-ever publication of the Nebraska Death Index, now online for free public use at the artfully-named!
The story about how the records were obtained is quite long, so here is the link to the entire explanation.

It is interesting to read about how and why these records have been kept behind paywalls for so long. This post also tells how the documents have been made available for free.

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