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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Vergen purchases GEDMatch

GEDmatch, the online genetic genealogy website has been sold to Verogen. Quoting from the above article,
Brett Williams, Verogen’s CEO, said in a statement that a new version of the existing site will focus on solving crimes, “not just connecting family members via their DNA.” 
“Never before have we as a society had the opportunity to serve as a molecular eyewitness, enabling law enforcement to solve violent crimes efficiently and with certainty,” Williams said.
The article went on to note the following:
GEDmatch users logging in after Monday are now required to accept the site’s updated terms and conditions. These terms include updating users of Verogen’s purchase, and also giving them the option of deleting their data from the site entirely, the statement outlines.

The official statement from Verogen identifies the company as follows:
Verogen. Inc. is an independent forensic genomics company that tailors next-generation sequencing solutions for forensic laboratories. Based in San Diego, California, the company is advancing science to unlock the true potential of forensic genomics.
I am certain that we will see some of the same major moves in the future from almost all of the genealogical DNA hosting companies. Consolidation is almost inevitable since the advantage of one company over another comes from the size of its DNA database. 

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