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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A more complete look at printing on FamilySearch Family Tree and other new features

I had a short blog post on the introduction of's Family Tree printing function but didn't have time to write more. I decided to add a little bit more information and also mention some other newly added features to both the Family Tree and Photos programs.

First the printing function, then the new features.

Believe me, having the ability to print off a family group record and a pedigree is personally not a big deal to me. I didn't miss the feature at all and wasn't looking forward to it. But apparently, it is a big deal to some people and may have been a contributing factor in slowing down the separation of and FamilySearch Family Tree. So, I am happy it has come along.

Why isn't printing a big deal to me? Really simple. I use the computers and electronics and don't print unless I absolutely have to do so. I have rooms full of paper and don't need more. Enough said.

Where is this printing function in Family Tree? You have to navigate to a person's detail page. A person’s details page shows a person’s family (all marriages), including the person as a child with his or her parents and the person as a spouse with his or her children (all marriages). The printing function is prominently located on the right side of the details page. Here is a screen shot with an arrow and box showing the printing function marked No. 1:


While I am here, notice that the arrow at No. 2 is pointing to the Possible Duplicates box that has been moved to accommodate the printing box and has added a "Delete Person" function. I would suggest not experimenting with this function unless you are really sure you want to delete someone. Realize that deleting isn't permanent and the information can be restored, but you don't want to find out that it can't.

Back to printing. You can print a pedigree chart, a fan chart and a family group record. Right now, the pedigree chart is limited to four generations, but you can obviously print multiple charts by simply moving out into your family tree and printing from a new generation. FamilySearch refers you to third-party solutions for different printing options. See Reference Guide, page 111.

Importantly, these files can also be printed to a PDF file and sent by email or whatever. Here is a screen shot showing the printing dialog box with an arrow pointing to the selection for making a PDF file.

There is now a direct link from the person's detail page to the Photos program. If you click on the link to photos and then click on the icon for Add Photos, you will go directly to the Photos page and be able to upload a photo directly to a person and then attach that photo to the tree. There are several additional functions in the Photo program also but you have to go into the program from the main Photos link at the top of the Family Tree pages to access the entire photos page and functions. This looks like a need for an updated YouTube Video in my video channel

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  1. Thanks, I find your blogs posts interesting because I am trying to become proficient in using FS FT so I can help others. I agree with you totally about the print feature. I do like that I can print and send by email but to just plain print to paper is a waste of paper and my time. However, there are still those who want that capability. To be honest, when I was visiting NEGHS this spring, I did need an FGS paperout while asking for information as I don't have an iPad and to show what I was searching for, a printed copy was the only option.