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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review of Aspen's Roots by Paul Sullivan

Aspen's Roots is a delightful and beautifully illustrated children's book with a message about roots; that is family roots. Here is a link to the book. It is also available on

The author of the book is Paul Sullivan and the Illustrator is Pamela Gillette. They sent me a copy of the book to review and I was more than pleasantly surprised. Here is the description from the flyleaf:
Aspen is a beautiful young sapling living a carefree life amidst the wonders of nature. She is happy. However, the seasons are about to change. The quiet time of winter helps Aspen learn to feel beyond herself. She discovers that it's what's below the surface that really makes us strong. With a new creed of giving - now she is happy.
The message is short and clear. As genealogists we are currently concerned about reaching out to younger people and including them in our passion for our families' history. This is the type of outreach that I think is most effective to get young people thinking about their own relationship to their ancestors.

Thanks to Paul and Pamela for the opportunity to share this book with my own family and with you all.

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