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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Scramble for FamilySearch Certifications

If you watch the product page on, you will see the current and new products show up as they received certification to work with Family Tree. Since I wrote a blog post earlier today, both Ancestral Quest and Legacy Family Tree have become certified. In looking at the list, the certified programs have a checkmark. Here is a list of the different categories of certification:

FT Certified: Features that are certified for Family Tree are marked with a check mark ( ✓ ).
Either diamond or the check icon assures our users that a product is compatible with FamilySearch has certified features that conform to FamilySearch’s strict standards of quality.
LDS: The product includes features and data helpful to members of the LDS Church.
Tree Access: The product will only read Family Tree data.
Tree Connect: The product references online artifacts such as records, photos, documents, and media that can be attached to persons in the Family Tree.
Tree Share: The product can compare and reconcile all data in both Family Tree and the product.
Tree Share+: The product has the features of Share plus the collaborative features including Discussions, Sources, Watch and Change History.
As of this afternoon, the list has eight certified programs.

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