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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some Hidden FamilySearch and FamilyTree Resources

The newly designed website for seems to work just fine and according to reports from FamilySearch, they have seen activity increase. But a few of the resources that were easily accessible on the older design, have disappeared into obscurity. Here is a list of those resources and a link directly to those I think you might find useful. Some of them, frankly, I have no idea how to find from the website. You will just have to use the direct link I provide below and maybe you can figure out how these pages are connected. The link is in the title to each paragraph. You can copy the link by right-clicking on the link and then pasting the link into a reminder list of some kind.

Family Tree Training
Here is a screenshot showing the top of this page.

These are not "new" pages, but old pages that have been lost in the shuffle or whatever. This one contains links to many of the Family Tree support documents including the Reference Manual.

Family History Products
This is another page that I found through links on the bottom of old pages. I am not sure how to navigate to the page, but I think my wife found it in a link at the bottom of the startup page. Here is a screenshot of the page:

Product Support
This is an interesting page. It is located in the Get Help link and then the Help Center link. But it is the gateway to help and reference material for all of the "products." It seems that FamilySearch refers to the different functions or applications on the website as products. Here is a screenshot of the page. Your screen may not have all the same icons, because I am signed in with an LDS Account.

The icons link to further resources, including some of the same resources, on a different page, for Family Tree. So if you click on the icon link to Family Tree, you will find the Reference Guide at the bottom of the resulting page.

Learning Center
Some of you may have wondered what happened to all the pages inside of, including the list of video training resources. Well, here they are buried down in the "Get Help" link and the "Help Center" Here is a screen shot to prove that they are all still there:

Another hint. Look at the links on the bottom of the pages. The bottom links change as you move through the website. Some of the resources are located in those links.

Youth and Family History
This page is aimed at members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and isn't even on the website, but it has the FamilySearch title and old logo. I just thought you might want to know it was in existence.

About FamilySearch Page
This page isn't really hidden at all, it is located in a link at the bottom of the startup page for But it is one of those links you probably haven't explored. I suggest you go to the page and click on the various links. You might be surprised at what you find. Here is a screenshot of the About page:

I haven't nearly exhausted all of the links, but I think you might get the idea. There are a lot of resources buried in the links on You just might want to scroll to the bottom of each page and see the links and familiarize yourself with all the stuff.

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  1. Yep, I was frustrated the other day trying to find the Wiki. I finally found it and bookmarked it for later use.