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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Date for shutting down finally announced

Thanks to Renee Zamora in her Renee's Genealogy Blog this morning for a link to this announcement:
FamilySearch is pleased to announce the official release of the FamilySearch API. Thank you to all who participated during the beta and pilot phases. This release will replace the familytree/v2 API (targeting for all tree reads and writes. With the release of the latest FamilySearch API the following dates are also announced: 
June 30 – Write capability for the familytree/v2 API will be turned off. Partners can no longer use this API to write to the tree. This functionality is replaced with the release of the latest FamilySearch API. 
The collaboration toolkit (a feature of the FamilySearch API), which includes sources, discussions, and the change log, has moved from beta to pilot. With the collaboration toolkit in pilot, partners should feel confident the code is stable and start implementing the features. 
Sept 15 – All partners who write to the FamilySearch Family Tree will need to implement the features of the collaboration toolkit by Sept 15 in order to maintain their certification. They will be able to re-certify after the collaborative features are added. 
End of year – Partners will be able to continue to use the read functionality of the familytree/v2 API until the end of the year.
 OK, so here is the translation. What this means is that apparently, after June 30, programs that currently write data to will no longer be able to do so. will effectively be cut off from changing the data that ends up in's Family Tree. This is very good news for all of us who have been waiting for this to happen.

So by the end of the year, the link between and Family Tree will finally be severed and I can get on with sorting out my family. Let's see if they are able to adhere to this timeline.

I would suggest that anyone using right now better move over to Family Tree immediately and get used to using the newer program. It is better to start moving now, than to wake up some morning and find out you can't do anything at all and haven't any idea how to use Family Tree.

Here is the link to the products page so you can keep up to date as to which products have been linked up to Family Tree in some way or other.

FamilySearch Products

Coincidentally, I gave this link in my last blog post also.

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  1. Darn. I use FamilyTree, but do use NewFamilySearch for contact information for my research. That information is not readily available in Family Tree unless people come back and redo the work. Also, about the ordinance information that you could access through the back door using RootsMagic -- where will that information be preserved?

    This will be helpful for making the final edits in Family Tree, though, that aren't allowed now.