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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

FamilySearch Family Tree adds Printing Function

Several blog posts have noted the change today to's Family Tree allowing Family Group Records and Pedigree Charts to be printed. I suppose I should add, if you want to do so. The first Family Group Record I looked at had 13 pages, so I decided printing out my stuff is probably not an option. The link for printing is right on the individual page. The changes are accompanied by a change in the Reference Guide. The new date on the Manual is 29 May 2013. See the cover screenshot above.

Instructions for printing were added on page 111 of the Reference Guide. You can print four-generation pedigree charts, family group records, fan charts, and the content that is displayed on a page. There are also third-party programs that can utilize the print function for more elaborate charts. Here is the reference from page 111 of the Guide.
You can use certified third-party computer and web programs to print information from
Family Tree. 
These programs offer wider variety of printing options than the system itself. For example,
you can print more generations or different types of charts. 
1. For a current list of certified programs, see
2. Look for programs with a check mark. These are certified to work with Family Tree.
 The shortest FGR (Family Group Record) that I could find right now is about six pages, so I won't give any screenshots.

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  1. How do you extend beyond 4 generation? I couldn't see anything to make it go 7 or 10 or 13 generations?