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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Find-A-Record, a valuable tool and time saver

One of the top finalists in the Developers' Challenge at RootsTech 2014 was a program called This program has a perfect fit into the process of doing basic online research in's Historical Record Collections and in It is a simple and useful starting point for research, especially for new researchers who have no idea where to start looking for information about their ancestors.

The concept of the program is relatively simple, you enter in the location where your ancestor lived and  a range of dates and the program gathers links to online resources pertaining to that time and location. That may seem simple, but it is a fabulous time saver and helps the beginning researcher focus on pertinent records. I suggest watching the instructional video above and visiting the program. I am guessing, but many genealogists will want to add this program their regular list of reference programs.

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