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Friday, March 28, 2014 Celebrates adding its 300,000th Database

By adding 1000 new databases every single day, has now reached the 300,000 database mark. As announced by Cliff Shaw, the CEO,
Thanks to your support, free genealogy continues to gain a significant foothold in the family history community. One database at a time, we’ve brought more than 300,000 databasesonline to help you discover your story for free. As a way to say thank you, we want to share some exciting new features to help you break through your brick walls and customize your Mocavo experience.
The new features announced in conjunction with reaching the 300,000 database milestone include the following:
  • Prioritize your search notifications. Simply select your favorite search terms and they will email you results based on those priorities, helping you make discoveries faster than ever.
  • Exclusively for Mocavo Gold members, you can find new search result displays under the Results & Summary Search Tabs. With so many new displays to choose from, making new discoveries has never been easier!
  • Now you can uncover two more ways to easily scan your search results featured under the “Results Tab.” These new views will enhance your document viewing experience by revealing the important contextual details of a record page.
  • With Full Image View, you’ll see the full image of each record on your results page. You can view up to ten results and we will highlight your search terms so you can easily identify where they appear within the image.
  • If you don’t have time to view the entire page, but still want some contextual info? Try out the new Tile View. Revealing a smaller image than the full page view, you’ll be able to quickly browse all results without losing any necessary contextual details.
  • The new Summary Search View allows you to group your results by category and database title, making it a breeze to target the databases that spark your interest, and quickly avoid those that are irrelevant to your research.
You can take advantage of the Free Seven Day offer in the link on the blog. As usual, searching any of the records individually in the huge database is free. The Mocavo Gold option allows searches of the entire database at one time and other important features. 

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