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Monday, March 31, 2014 Project for

This is a new video from about their project to help In an email explaining the video Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogist and Translation Manager says:
As you know we have launched a pro-bono global initiative with BillionGraves to preserve every cemetery and gravestone in the world and we are providing the content online, for free. This project is important and beneficial for genealogists everywhere. 
We have produced a short video about it and we would be really grateful if you could help us spread the word by embedding the video on your blog (embed codes below). 
It features Gilad Japhet (MyHeritage's Founder and CEO) who participated in our company's trip to the cemetery and who alone was responsible for digitizing around 1000 gravestones in 3 hrs!. It's a race against time. The more people that we can encourage participate now, the more data will be preserved for future generations, before inscriptions start to fade. 
Thanks for your help.


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