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Friday, September 22, 2017 another Ancestry website

At the bottom of the startup page for, there is a link to "Visit our other sites." Here is a screenshot of the menu:

Interestingly, has other websites that are not listed. is one of those websites. Although, upon examination, it appears to be mostly a "feeder" website but it does have extensive reference and explanation material. Here is an example:

 An interesting feature of the website is the list of "Top Member Websites." This is a list of 123 websites around the Internet related to genealogy in a number of different languages. Most of these websites have almost no traffic as shown by the "hits" count provided by the listing. Apparently, at some time in the past, websites could apply to join as a member website but the link now shows that feature to be inactive. I couldn't find any history online about the website but it appears that it was once an independent website acquired by That was the case with and I am guessing further that wanted to make sure that it owned both the .com and the .org websites with the word "genealogy."

Some of the links listed for the websites seem to be broken and some have redirects which I would avoid. In this age of mega websites for genealogy and sweeping searches such as those done by Google make these older listing websites less useful. But they remain interesting artifacts of the way that technology is changing.

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