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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

When I looked, every microfilm had been digitized

For many years now, I have been making lists of the microfilm rolls I need for my research from the Catalog. Once the list got long enough, I made a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and spent some time, actually days, looking at microfilm. Recently, I have been ploughing my way through microfilm at the BYU Family History Library in Provo, Utah. I have been consistently ordering microfilm from Salt Lake to have the rolls available at BYU.

The recent announcement by FamilySearch that microfilm rentals would be the discontinued put me into high gear in ordering microfilm. When FamilySearch extended the ordering period for an extra week, I reviewed my list to see if there was anything missing. I also randomly began looking at some of the microfilm I needed in the catalog. To my surprise, I found that the microfilm I had ordered was now digitized. I started looking at the rest of the microfilm on my list and quickly discovered that all of it had been digitized except for one roll. Yes, all of it had been digitized.

I would suggest that if you are waiting for a microfilm shipment that you check the catalog on to see whether or not the microfilm you ordered has already been digitized. You might be surprised like I was that the microfilm has already been digitized.

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