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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Blog for The Family History Guide
The Family History Guide has become the "go to" place for support and training on and now, with the addition of tracks for,, and, it has expanded its support base to the other major online genealogy database/family tree programs. Most recently, The Family History Guide added a section supporting family-oriented genealogy activities. All of these new developments are now announced and explained in the newly added blog.
Over the years as technology has become more complex, one of the glaring challenges has been the lack of technical support available. In one case, a whole series of books was developed based on the concept of the "missing manual" for various programs and devices. See "the missing manual." The Family History Guide is truly the manual that has been missing for each of the websites now featured. In addition, it adds a whole new aspect to training and teaching about genealogy in general.

Another consequence of the technological explosion is the overwhelming amount of information that is now available. We can easily drown in an ocean of information. The Family History Guide takes one small part of that ocean of information, the part relevant to genealogical research, and makes it manageable and useful.

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  1. Thanks for the link. Maybe now I'll be able to figure out Find My Past!