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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

DPLA adds Oklahoma Hub

The Digital Public Library of America continues to expand its huge collection of free, online digital content. Quoting from a recent announcement:
Over 100,000 records from our newest partner, OK Hub, are now discoverable in DPLA. The Oklahoma Hub represents a collaboration between lead partners The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, with extensive resources from Oklahoma Historical Society and Oklahoma Department of Libraries. Together, these collections offer unique new resources, particularly in the areas of Native American history and culture, environmental and agricultural science, and the lives and experiences of generations of Oklahomans.
The notice continued with an explanation of the contents of the newly attached records.
Students and scholars of the settlement of the Oklahoma frontier will find thousands of photographs from the collections of Oklahoma Historical Society, including photos from the Oklahoma Publishing Company, which started operating as such in 1903 in Oklahoma City and continues today. Images in these collections capture everyday life for the diverse residents of turn-of-the-century Oklahoma, including members of diverse Native American groups including Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Kiowa. Together with The University of Oklahoma’s Indian Pioneer Oral Histories conducted in the 1930s and the Duke Collection of American Indian Oral Histories (1967-1972), these rich new materials on testify to the tension between cultural perseverance and assimilation as well as a decades-long process of negotiating the allotment of one of America’s most treasured resources: land.
This new addition brings the total number of records in the DP.LA collection to 18,430,270.

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