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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Identical Triplets Take MyHeritage DNA Tests on the Today Show

Identical Triplets Take MyHeritage DNA Tests on the Today Show

Correspondent Jeff Rossen revealed DNA results from the three leading brands, for sisters who are identical triplets. MyHeritage was the only test that didn’t require filling a vial with spit, and is more affordable than the competition, without sacrificing accuracy.


  1. Very disappointed, no results revealed simply an advert for DNA testing.
    I am surprised you even considered it worth viewing

  2. This comparison of three sets of identical triplets & one set of quadruplets is a little more interesting:

  3. My Heritage is everywhere in genealogy online hangouts - advocate for their product.

    Do a search & you will find a nice variety of sites that have curious results from identical triplets & quads - the DNA is identical. BUT the ancestry locations were quite different for the "identicals".

    abstracted from several sites:
    "Sister N. = 11 percent German and French heritage, her sister’s numbers came up totally different results J = 18 percent German and French, while E = 22.3 percent German and French.

    another 3: British heritage: E was 59 percent, M. was 66 percent and M. was 70 percent.

    Quads - their parents 1 white and 1 African American - results claimed by TV host as "perfect". But host only revealed that they were 49 white European & 47 African & didn't report the breakdown as to specific locations.

    Who can forget the famous Opra tests? - sample collected at the same time but submitted several different times to the same companies.

    Over and over the same advice:
    (1) Tests for DNA ancestry are not advanced enough to be 100 percent correct.
    (2) Tests should be used for “entertainment only” instead of real evidence of DNA heritage.
    (3) DNA testing for the court system or anything Legal - those companies must meet very strict guidelines. There are NO standards for genealogy DNA.