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Saturday, December 2, 2017

New Videos on the BYU YouTube Channel December 2017

As I have been posting for some time now, my wife and I will be leaving on a full-time mission and serving as Record Preservation Missionaries in the Maryland State Archives. I have had quite a few comments about my leaving the Brigham Young University Family History Library for a year and the possible impact on the video uploaded to the BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel. I can assure you that high-quality videos will continue to be uploaded in my absence. In fact, it appears that I will hardly be missed. Here are a few of the new videos uploaded in the last few days.

Not Tech Savvy? Six Easy to Use Family History Phone Apps - Jean Naisbitt

Getting Started with Web Indexing - Kathryn Grant

FamilySearch Memories: Connecting Relatives Near and Far - Jean Naisbitt

Back Up Your Data Now or Cry - James Tanner

The videos can also be viewed from the BYU Family History Library Website

Meanwhile, you can follow our mission experiences on my Rejoice and be exceeding glad... blog with the tagline of "A Family History Mission."

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