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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Inside Look at Ancestry's Innovation and Product Development Presentation
Next session of the Innovators Summit for me is the presentation by The WiFi link is getting a little flakey with more people showing up, so this might not get sent immediately. There are three presenters, Chris Bardford, VP of Engineering, Kendall Hulet, VP of AncestryDNA, and Josh Penrod, Head of User Experience.

Development should become a shared vision and experience asking what are we solving and who are we solving for?

Comment: It is becoming apparent that the thrust of the Innovators Summit is more towards business development than innovation. It appears, from a show of hands, that almost all the people here are software developers. So far all of the presenters at the Innovators Summit have been business and product oriented with only a token mention of genealogy. This isn't too bad except the Ancestry's presenters could not be heard in the back and their slides were not visible to me in the back of the room.

As an example of my comment, we got a link to the following websites: and This segment of the conference really is for developers.

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