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Thursday, February 12, 2015

#RootsTech -- More of the Opening and on the morning

The connections were getting worse, so I uploaded the first part of my post on the Opening in the middle of the presentation by Tan Le. You cannot miss this part of the #RootsTech Opening even if you don't like genealogy. "You have not let go." Tan Le and her family have not let go.

The wealth of my own life is in my children. We are all a continuation of our ancestors.

Here are some photos:

Train into Salt Lake

Findmypast Annelies Van Den Belt and Josh Taylor

Bloogers at the opening 

Taking photos of taking photos


  1. I love the taking photos of taking photos! Have a great time. And you're right Tan Le was wonderful.

  2. James, I want my family to hear Tan Lee's talk. Do you know of a where I could find the Audio of that talk so I could share it with others?

    1. The entire presentation is on Thanks for asking.