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Monday, February 16, 2015 finally taken down

In speaking with one of the FamilySearch team at the RootsTech Conference, I heard that FamilySearch had finally taken down the website two years after the introduction of the FamilySearch Family Tree program.  Here is a confirming screenshot of the notice:

The text of the notice says as follows:
After a two-year transition process, access to has been terminated. This includes user sign in as well as access through all public APIs (application programming interfaces). 
What's Next? 
This step allows FamilySearch to begin the final phase of the transition, which includes the transfer and synchronization all of the remaining data from to its replacement, FamilySearch Family Tree. This ending phase of data testing, transfer, and retesting will take approximately one year to complete. Once this phase is completed in early 2016, FamilySearch Family Tree will be the sole repository for this information, and will be completely shut down. 
Development on many highly desired features of FamilySearch Family Tree cannot begin until has reached its final milestone and is completely shut-off. At that point, work can begin on new features, such as:
  1. Merging of gateway ancestors and other people with large numbers of associated records.
  2. Highlighting and fixing data eccentricities, such as when a person appears to have been married before birth, a child is older than a parent, a child who is listed as the spouse of parent or grandparent, and so on.
  3. The ability for users to change the selected gender of an ancestor.
  4. The ability to see a spouse’s ancestral line by default.
Please continue to use FamilySearch Family Tree to discover, preserve, and share information about your ancestors.
This is an important step in liberating the FamilySearch Family Tree from the limitations of its predecessor. Now all we have to do is wait another year or so.

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