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Saturday, February 14, 2015

#RootsTech: "I am a Cousin" and Donny Osmond

This is the last day of #RootsTech. We got to hear A. J. Jacobs and Donny Osmond, a very interesting juxtaposition. This is another set of presentations that cannot be adequately reported. First, there was the with comments and commentary by A. J. Jacobs and then Donny Osmond. He had a warmer reception than anyone else at this conference. He got a standing ovation when he walked in.

Donny is a consummate performer and he turns out to be a tremendous advocate for family history. He relates stories about his family and emphasizes that everyone has a legacy of stories. He has a Donny Osmond app and you can download his latest album, in its entirety for free. This is another one of those presentations that you really need to see for yourself. He got his mother's 40 years of genealogical research. He was given the responsibility to manage his mother's database when she died. He worked on genealogy in his free time during his career. Once he began and got focused, it was like a giant jigsaw puzzle. has made it easy and fun. He says to go back to revisit your brickwalls. He loves because everyone is working on it.

This is wonderful, having a famous person who loves genealogy. Donny says to interview your family members. He has relied on the stories to give him the strength to work hard, such as Dancing with the Stars. He attributes his success to the tenacity and hard work of his ancestors, his parents and grandparents. His story of his parents is inspirational. I hope FamilySearch can put this online because everyone needs to hear this story.

We need to document and record our stories. Families really are forever.

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