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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Proof Statements and the Family Tree

I have received several comments both recently and in the past, criticizing the Family Tree because it does not include a specific place for a formal proof statement (proof argument). The people who take this position are apparently unaware of the extent information can be added to the Family Tree program. A formal proof statement for any conclusion can be added as a source and linked to a full copy of the statement in the Memories Document section either as  PDF file or as a JPG file of the original.

It is my opinion that those who wish to make such a formal argument for their opinions are not accustomed to being relegated to collaborating with people who will ignore what they have to say or even disagree. Welcome to the real world. If you have any reservations about contributing to the Family Tree, I would suggest that you read my blog post concerning the structure of the Family Tree and the method of correcting the information in "Thoughts on Resolving the Family Tree Dilemma."

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  1. The material in the "Memories Document section" is not actually uploaded to FS-FT. What will happen with this really huge quantity of items when the contracted-for program and servers suffer damage, or contracts run out, is not a question I have seen addressed.