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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Valuable offer from to Family Tree Maker users

The recent announcement by's Kendall Hulet about the retirement of the Family Tree Maker software has, at the time of this post, generated over 7,900 comments. As result of the vacuum left by the retirement of this software program, other developers have made accommodations for the future orphaned users. has made a very generous offer as follows:
At MyHeritage, we believe there is still a place in the world for genealogy software, and there is value in the ability to work offline, and enjoy more powerful functionality that many websites cannot offer. We also believe that people should be able to discover and preserve their family history on whatever platform they are comfortable with. That's why we are constantly innovating new technologies and enhancing our website, mobile apps and our Family Tree Builder genealogy software. 
We are delighted to offer FTM users who move to MyHeritage, and who choose to sync their family tree with their MyHeritage family site, unlimited tree size capacity on their online family site, which is normally limited to 250 individuals on a free account. 
Here is a link to the blog post that gives the details about their important offer.'s Family Tree Builder has much better user ratings than's Family Tree Maker software and Family Tree Builder is FREE. I mean really free, no expanded or pro version where you have to pay. Of course, the Family Tree Builder program is available on both Windows and Mac and it synchronizes with your online family tree on If you want to take advantage of the extended online features, such as data searching, you will need a full subscription to I can say unequivocally that I think's features such as Record Match and Record Detective are well worth the price. Check out the reviews on before you decide to purchase any of the software programs. These are user reviews and are almost all brutally honest in their evaluations of all of the reviewed programs' features.

This is far from the first time a program has been discontinued. As I have written before, over the years, for a variety of reasons, I have seen hundreds (perhaps thousands) of programs bite the dust. I can recall throwing away whole large boxes of 3.5 inch floppy disks of obsolete programs. As the announcement points out, there is a decided shift in the way programs are sold, supported and used.

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