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Monday, December 21, 2015

Videos, Webinars, Classes and Books

A couple of months ago, I made a goal to produce a new genealogy video every week for the Brigham Young University Family History Library. It looks like I will reach my goal through the end of the year. There are now over 100 posted videos on the BYU Family History Library Channel. Missionaries and volunteers have a two week break from the Library at the end of the year. We will all be back starting on January 4, 2016. The BYU Family History Library web page has been updated to give potential patrons access to all of our online resources. Of course, some of these resources are available only while physically in the Library, but many are accessible to everyone. Here is a screenshot of the updated page.

The new page has links to our list of Free Classes and Webinars in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Yes, we are now going to present live webinars directly from the Library. At first, these webinars will be limited to the first 100 people who sign in to attend, but we may expand this number depending on demand. The link to our Free Classes and Webinars takes you to this page.

We will post our current schedule of In-Library Classes, Online Webinars and You-Tube Videos from this central location. I will continue to be involved in teaching and helping with all three areas of instruction. Recently, the head Librarian for the BYU Family History Library, Terry Dahlin, published an extensive article about the BYU Family History Library in Crossroads, the official publication of the Utah Genealogical Association where I am presently serving on the Board of Directors. This publication is only available to members, but I may persuade Terry to publish the article or a similar one for more general distribution.

Now, here is the second video that was posted this past week.

So, you can attend classes in person at the Library. You can attend classes by watching our upcoming webinar series or you can view our archive of classes on the BYU Family History Library Channel. You can also subscribe to the Channel and get notifications of new videos.

In addition to participating in all three of these presentation levels, I will also be teaching classes for the missionaries and the general public on a schedule during the week at the Library. I usually teach a series of 16 classes on the same subject, spread out over two weeks. One week, I teach on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the next week I teach on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Those classes are announced on the BYU Facebook Page.

From this you can see that my schedule includes teaching more than 22 classes a month, publishing 4 or more YouTube videos, helping patrons in the Library, participating in the upcoming webinar series, and my usual writing. Oh, by the way, during 2015, I also helped write a series of 12 books for Family History Expos. All of these are available for sale on the Family History Expos website and will be posted on To find the books on just search for my name "James L Tanner." The authors of these Research Guides include me, Holly Hansen, Arlene H. Eakle and other notable authors. We plan on writing another 12 Research Guides during the coming year.

Now, what am I going to do in my spare time this next year? Oh, continue my oral history series, my own genealogical research and continue to take photos for my blog. Oh, I will also be at RootsTech 2016 writing away as usual.

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