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Monday, June 27, 2016

A New Beginning? The FamilySearch Family Tree Saga -- Part One: Anticipating the Changeover

Is this bad news or good news? I am up early, which is nothing new for me, to watch the saga unfold on the website. This is one of those momentous events in the history of mankind that goes entirely unnoticed except by a few, hardcore enthusiasts. I am certain that there is only a small handful of us sitting at our computers at 5:00 am MDT waiting for the results of the "update." It is now 5:45 am and the website is still down. Hmm. Is this good news or really bad news?

Since the website is not up and running. I am going to keep up a running commentary throughout the day. I have been writing about this day with anticipation for years. If, for any reason, the change over on the website does not work, I have been around computers and programming most of my life now, and I am more than used to programs that do not work as expected.

You can check the progress for yourself. All you need to do is try to open the website. The solid rumors were that the website would be "up and running" by 5:00 am. So, the fact that it is now close to 6:00 is not a good sign.

I know most of the world out there has no idea what is going on. But I will keep watching and posting until the website is either upgraded as planned or the whole attempt is aborted and rescheduled. I certainly do not expect any explanations or commentary from so I will just keep watching and waiting.

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