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Thursday, June 30, 2016

MyHeritage adds PedigreeMap

This new pedigree map from appears to do automatically, what I have been doing for some time manually using searches, spreadsheets and manual lists. They describe the new program as follows:
PedigreeMap displays all your photos and events grouped by country and location, allowing you to easily filter the map to view it by person, family group, event type, and time period. If you have a tablet device, such as an iPad or an Android tablet, PedigreeMap will look awesome on it. You will be able to pan and zoom with your fingers, and enjoy the maps tremendously.
One of the immediate benefits of this type of program is the ability to visually see inconsistent places associated with families and individuals within families. For some considerable time, I have been advising people to approach their genealogy from a geographic standpoint. I fully realize that there are several mapping programs out there, but having this degree of integration with my full family tree is a distinct advantage. This is the type of advance that we have seen before from

You can read the entire description of the new PedgreeMap on the MyHeritage Blog in their post entitled, "Introducing PedigreeMap™ — an Interactive Map of Your Family History."

In order for this program, or any similar program, to work properly, you need to make sure the geographic data in your family tree is accurate and complete. The first thing I noticed when using the program is that two of my relatives were shown living in Chile. In checking this out, It illustrated a situation that needed to be corrected and clarified.

I will be working on updating my records in my family tree so I can better use this program.

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