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Thursday, June 16, 2016 makes a Collection Notice

The following notice was published on June 16, 2016 concerning a much-used and valuable collection on the website.
16    Jun 20160 comments Collection Notice
We wanted to give our users a heads up that MyHeritage's license of the newspaper content from is about to expire next week. This means that on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, the collection will be de-published (withdrawn) from MyHeritage. In addition, pending Record Matches from this collection will be removed. Confirmed Record Matches that were saved to family trees will remain in place. 
MyHeritage is currently in negotiations with to enter into a new license in order to keep this collection on MyHeritage. If these efforts are successful and the content is relicensed, then it will be reloaded onto MyHeritage and the Record Matches will return, and all links to newspaper records that were saved into family trees will continue to work. This will work well even if the newspaper content will be de-published for a while, and then return. 
We advise users who have pending Record Matches from this collection, to view them before Tuesday, and to confirm as many as of them as possible and extract their value into their family trees. 
This does not affect other newspaper collections on MyHeritage such as Trove from Australia and Jewish Chronicle from the UK. 
The MyHeritage Team

In my case, as shown by this screenshot, I have 667 Record Matches with 616 pending.  I guess I need to scramble around and add a few of these to my family tree.

This event also illustrates something all genealogists should be aware of. The existence of these databases or collections online is subject to the business decisions made by the hosting program. Several collections have disappeared from and other websites due to econmic considerations by the "owner" of the data. This will likely occur from time to time and so we might need to start treating these online sources like we do sales in the supermarkets: buy it while it is there and don't wait to make up your mind.


  1. Do you know if NewspaperArchive will ever be back in the package at My Heritage ?

  2. No, but has a substantial newspaper collection now.