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Wednesday, June 1, 2016 introduces new, expanded website

After a huge development effort, Holly Hansen, CEO of has introduced a completely new website. The newly released website highlights the huge selection of books, videos and other educational material for sale on the site and directed at the genealogical community.

All of the books, video classes and class materials can be ordered directly through the website. Many of the books are also available on  The website's offerings include a calendar of events that will be held in Utah and online. Many genealogists around the country are familiar with the Family History Expo Conferences. The new website gives everyone, no matter where they are located the opportunity to share in the benefits of the high quality teaching formerly available only by attending a conference. 

The training provided by is targeted at both the beginner and the experienced genealogist. Take some time to explore the new website and consider attending some of the events. 

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  1. Thank you James. We are all so pleased to have this opportunity to assist more family history researchers. The release of the new website really is a dream come true for me. It allows us to share the expertise of researchers like you in a brand new way. Again, thank you for sharing.