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Friday, June 10, 2016

Find Research Suggestions Fast with FamilyFound App

FamilyFound is a Chrome app that does the following:
FamilyFound answers the question we all have of "Where do I start?" Integrating with, it automatically finds your ancestors and relatives who are likely to have missing spouses, children, and parents, just waiting for you to find them.
 It looks for some of the same criteria I use when searching for research opportunities and it simplifies the process by suggesting people that I might overlook. Some of these people are obviously not candidates, but the program is more complete that my own overview would be. As a side benefit, the program also picked up some duplicates and other issues. In fact, most the first hints I checked turned out to be messy duplicate issues.

This is a free app, but as a Chrome app, using such a program might be a little unfamiliar. Chrome apps or extensions are programs that work with the Chrome browser to add functionality. I regularly use several of these programs and find them to be very helpful.


  1. You should update the post to include a link.

    1. It doesn't really have a link as such, it is a Chrome app and shows in the Chrome Web Store.