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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

MyHeritage creates new community-powered question and answer hub

MyHeritage announced the implementation of a new community-powered question and answer hub. Here is a quote from the announcement:
The true spirit of genealogy is to assist others in their genealogical research whenever possible. We've created the new MyHeritage Community for our 82 million registered users worldwide to collaborate and to help each other translate records, decipher barely-legible handwriting, identify unknown people in photos and search for long-lost ancestors. Enter the Community and comment on posts within your expertise to lend a helping hand to others with their requests or post a question to receive assistance with your own research.
You need to be signed in to to participate but otherwise the hub is a benefit of your membership. I am sure we will be hearing more about this new service in the future.


  1. James,

    It's too bad more people aren't using the Genealogy & Family History Stack Exchange Q&A site at:

    Somehow, word of keyboard has just not made enough people aware of that fantastic resource where people share their knowledge with everybody.


  2. The Genealogy & Family History Stack Exchange ( is my go to site for expert help when I hit brick walls. If MyHeritage offers wiki-style Q&A like that rather than something that is just forum-like then it will be worth taking a look at.

  3. If I accidentally typed instead of please correct me - they are the two sites I use all the time for my profession and hobby.

  4. The quality of this new site from MyHeritage is shockingly poor. It functions worse than the internet forums which were common 10 years ago. It's difficult to find anything that's relevant to you. Most inquiries leave you wondering, "What are you asking for?" It's no surprise that most questions have no answers.