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Saturday, May 25, 2019

American Ancestors Expands Its Online Family Tree American AncesTREES

The New England Historic Genealogical Society website American Ancestors implemented an online family tree feature some time ago. For those of us that have ancestors from New England, the addition of another online family tree program with record hints from the Society's records seems like a really good idea. However, when I logged in with my "free" FamilySearch Partner Account and uploaded part of my family tree, I get the following notice:
This tree is Locked
We're sorry - your tree has been locked. You have 6.0 gigabytes of media in your trees, which is more than the maximum allowed media storage for this plan. To unlock your tree, either remove some of the media from your trees, or upgrade to a PRO plan by clicking on your user name in the upper-right corner, then on Account.
Obviously, as an active genealogist with ancestors from New England and some who came on the Mayflower, I will have an extensive family tree. Interestingly, I have my complete file in the program and it takes only 10.9 MB, far less than the 6 GB mentioned in the notice. It is likely that the difference is in media items since by American Ancestors family tree came from However, I only have about 190 people in American Ancestors family tree and I have 5883 people in my file. Of course, I have no idea how many people I have in my part of the Family Tree, probably hundreds of thousands.

I guess before I can comment on the new hint sources from American Ancestors, I will have to think about "upgrading" my subscription to a "real" account.

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